PHI Merkur


PHI MERKUR is a private health institution, established in 2006, which includes three ambulance clinics and one gynecological practice. Today these clinics are the first choice for family doctors in Tetovo and the surrounding area, and offer the following services:

PHI Mercury has concluded an agreement with the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Macedonia, for a selected doctor from the primary health care. The patient exercises the right to be treated at the expense of the fund.

We at PHI Merkur are completely committed to constantly maintain the quality of work at the highest level. Our patients are the center of our work. In everything we do, we are focused on delivering the best possible services to our patients. We strive to deliver the widest range of top-quality services for the needs of modern medical diagnostics and to be a selected partner for healthcare professionals and patients in the region. We do not forget that the doctor examines a human being who suffers, not just a diseased part of the body.