What do we offer?


First-class medical treatment, competent care, modern management.

That is why in Laor Laboratories and PHI Merkur work highly professional doctors and staff fully committed to the tasks. Medical know-how is the first obligation we have to patients. We constantly set high standards when it comes to our patients.

Our team of doctors always takes your health concerns seriously and will do the best for you.

Each of our services, each step in the treatment of the patient is precisely explained. And for every step we ask for your consent. Our doctor-patient relationship model is a relationship of mutual cooperation. We will always strive to build a relationship of mutual trust.

At Laor Laboratories and PHI Merkur, the doctor has a duty to treat patients in the same way, regardless of their religious belief, national, political or other affiliation. Our doctors treat all patients equally and give them equal treatment. We are aware that today patients are more active, more educated and expect to receive more as a medical service. We know that they are more willing to look for the best doctor. That is why we are constantly trying to hire the best. And we constantly value their activities.