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Laor Laboratory & Polyclinic

Laboratories are defined as the "nerve center of diagnostic medicine" because they provide basic information not only for diagnosis and monitoring, but also for screening, prevention, early diagnosis, appropriate treatment and effective monitoring of human diseases.

Providing the Diverse Needs of Your Patient Community

Laboratory information enables physicians and other health care workers to make appropriate, evidence-based diagnostic or therapeutic decisions for their patients. Laboratory services are more efficient, less invasive sources of objective information that aid physicians in their decisions. Laboratory services have a direct impact on many aspects of patient care, including, but not limited to, treatment success, patient safety, resource utilization, and patient satisfaction.


We are leader in ensuring exceptional quality testing in our facilities, driven by a passion to ensure you have critical information about your health give you access to diagnostic...

Biology and Genetics

Genetic testing can be useful at different stages of life, like discovering that a family member has a condition that can be passed down or struggling to find treatment....


From hormone levels, to food reactions, to identifying environmental toxins, we provide you with objective information so you can map your path to health and wellness....


IgG food reactions can take hours or days to develop, making difficult to determine which food is responsible for the reaction without doing testing fast and specific way....


Genova Diagnostics is an internationally renowned lab committed to only the highest standards. Chronic diseases are complex, but with Genova's system-based testing....

Occupational Medicine

Hormones are essential for the body to function optimally. Imbalances may result in many health conditions. Hormone Insights is a detailed urine analysis that measures....